Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Phone Interview Tips (Quality Over Quantity): Part I

The ultimate phone interview guide to mastery


Got a job interview over the phone tomorrow at 9 in the morning? That means you can just lie down in bed and wing it with a nice stack of pancakes to your left and a hefty cup of joe to your right…right? Of course not. The phone interview is no joke, no time to relax and daydream or pretend you’ve already got the job, and in fact in many cases is a do-or-die situation just like a face-to-face job interview - so read up buddy boy, you’ve got a lot to learn here.

I’m going to go over a ton of logistical tips for phone interviews; that is, phone interview tips that’ll give you that extra oomph. I’m talking quality, not quantity. The actual content of the phone interview is a totally different thing, and you can read on to find tips for that as well, but these are some ways you can nail the phone interview that are essentially small tweaks in your routine.

First, let’s ask ourselves why oh why is the phone interview often seen as something so trivial and not that big of a deal? The reason is obviously because it’s over the phone (duh) and not in-person, but so what? Psychologically speaking, it’s as if you have a moat, a trench, a buffer zone if you will, between you and the interviewer so they can’t catch all your personality quirks, mistakes, and blunders. To some people this means you don’t necessarily have to dress up, have fantastic posture, smile, and basically give it you’re A-game. Unfortunately, it’s this kind of thinking that leads to so many phone interviews plummeting to failure. The phone interview normally comes before the face-to-face job interview so if you bomb it, you won’t get the real deal. Shocker, I know.

Now that I have awoken your phone interview spirit, let’s get down to business here:

1. Dress The Part

This is a job interview, so no pajamas please. If you dress like you don’t care then you will sound like you don’t care, and you care about getting that job don’t you? Give it your best effort too, don’t settle for just a nice shirt or a pair of dark pants either - go all out: suit and tie, blazer, nice shoes, the whole deal. It truly is unreal how much your mindset will change once you dress the part, believe me.

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