Tuesday, July 16, 2013

“All I Got From College Was A Piece Of Paper” - Wrong

4 Things College Has Given You That You Forgot


Do you know where you hung that diploma that you got from college? Good. If not, find out, because it sure as hell cost you a lot of moolah (and countless hours studying) to obtain. The question remains, however, what else has college really given you except for that piece of paper? Give yourself a high five (try it with only one hand, if you can), because there’s plenty to be proud of, I say:

1. Organization

Balancing your studies, social life, family, extra-curricular activities/social clubs, a job, or anything else all at once while you’re young and still learning everything you can in this roller coaster ride we call life proves you developed organizational skills. Nothing gives you a better sense of organization than going through college. As you grew, matured, and learned from your mistakes, you learned to become more organized and as a result, more productive.

2. Discipline 

There’s two ways to study in college: you either pull a lot of last-minute all-nighters or study at a nice, regular pace. If you were the all-nighter type who completely blacked out all distractions once they finally crammed their nose into their textbook, that’s discipline. If you were the student who liked to study at a regular pace (say, every other day), and divided your work accordingly, that’s called discipline as well. Lack of discipline would have your GPA drop faster than the speed of gravity. Okay, no more academic jokes – promise.

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