Monday, May 13, 2013

10 Weaknesses That'll Destroy Your Job Interview

Big Job Interview, Little Mistakes

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You've gotten your foot "in the door", and have been invited to an on-site interview. Now is not the time to make any errors due to a lack of preparation. Avoiding these simple mistakes can allow for a more successful interview. Always be prepared with an interview strategy.

1. Make a nuisance of yourself and show up early for your interview or be late. Suggestion: Don't be more then fifteen minutes early and don't be late.

2. Pester support staff and receptionists with questions or treat them rudely. Suggestion: Treat support staff with adequate respect and leave them to their work.

3. Don't bring a copy of your resume. Suggestion: Bring multiple copies of your resume for interview staff, in case they need one to refer too.

4. Don't ask questions or ask irrelevant questions. Suggestion: Be prepared to ask smart and effective questions that will provide you with information you may need to know. 

5. Share a lot about yourself. Suggestion: Share briefly about yourself in regards to being an asset to the given opportunity. Interviewers don't want to know about your winning the spelling bee.

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