Friday, March 22, 2013

Pros & Cons Of Taking A Year Off After Graduation

A college grad conundrum

By Lauren Joffe from The Real College Guide


Thinking of taking a year off after graduation and before heading into the workplace or grad school? No, we're not talking about a break to slouch on the couch. We're talking about a gap year: Europeans do it all the time, taking some well-spent time for themselves after receiving a degree. While gap years are less common in the United States, more and more students are carving out time to travel, volunteer, teach -- anything to reboot before entering the "real world." Here, we get the pros and cons from recent grads who've done it.

The Pros of Taking a Gap Year

Pro No. 1: It puts the world in your hands.
Should you choose to take a post-graduation gap year, there are infinite opportunities that will take you anywhere in the world:

Travel: Opting to tour Prague, Hungary, Poland and Vienna is an inexpensive way to see Eastern European sites -- without breaking the bank. The exchange rates are more tolerable than that of the Euro.

Teach Abroad: If teaching English abroad is more your speed, American grads travel all around the globe to instruct international youngsters. If you'd prefer to stay on U.S. soil, teaching programs such as Teach for America place applicants in low-income schools around the country.

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