Thursday, January 20, 2011

College students should prepare to secure jobs after graduation

Students spending time to prepping for the real world

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For many students, this semester will mark the end of their college years; no more late study nights or house parties.

Soon it will be time for job hunting and putting the thousands of dollars spent on higher education to good use.

This is easier said than done. The job market is very competitive, especially for recent college graduates.

Employers, for the most part, don't care about your education as much as they do experience. And too many college students have more experience at the beer pong table than they do in a real work environment.

Now is the time to expand as an adult and become a professional.

Don't think just having a degree will be the golden ticket for a white collar job. In an economy such as ours, businesses don't have the time or money to train new-hires. They want someone who can fill the slot with a smooth transition, allowing the business to operate as normal.

Many college graduates do not offer this type of transition. Some require a lot of attention and time to learn the business, whatever it may be.

In the period between graduation and landing a job, all college graduates are in the business of selling themselves. They have to show employers why they should take a chance on someone with little or no experience.

Although it isn't easy, it is possible to get a decent entry-level job out of college. You just have to be well-prepared and willing to sacrifice.

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