Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Six Alumni Run Ad Agency

College Grads Show They Can Make It

This post was written by Frederick Holl, a writer at The Daily Reveille.

Red Six Media is operated out of the University's business incubator — a program of the Louisiana Business and Technology Center that helps small businesses get started — by six University alumni. And they have a mission: to take a company, brand it and make it more than just a company.

They accomplish this across all platforms and in every detail, from advertising to logo creation to social media integration and graphic design. They've worked with organizations like Counter Culture, Electronic Arts and the United Way.

The idea was born when five of the six members were in an advertising capstone class together where they crafted an advertising campaign and participated in a national competition.

"This group was one of the more close-knit groups I've ever taught," said former instructor of the class Lance Porter, mass communication professor.

Kristen Morrison, account executive at Red Six, said she was trying to decide between job offers when she realized the team had an opportunity most recent grads don't even think about.

So she gathered the team, and they took Porter out to The Chimes. After a discussion over dinner, Red Six was formed.

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