Monday, October 4, 2010

Consult a Career Counselor Before Graduation

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For those still in college, you've probably had a few meetings with your school guidance counselor by now to discuss short-term plans and goals, like how your classes are going and what your schedule will look like next semester. The two of you may have even touched upon your post-grad plans.

A guidance counselor's (or, academic counselor's) expertise, however, really falls in the realm of your life as a college student. Once you leave campus for good, that's it. You're on your own. Unless, that is, you turn to a career counselor for advice regarding the next phase of your life. If you're graduating with hefty student loan debt, you'll really need some help finding a profession you love that can pull in a paycheck big enough to pay it off, too.

Why You Should Consult a Career Counselor

You will really be ahead if you speak with a career counselor before you graduate. The more time you spend in college prepping yourself to enter the job market, the more confident and skillful a prospective employee you will be when you leave school.

Don't worry if you graduated years (or even decades) ago, either; you can greatly benefit from a career counselor's assistance at any age or life stage.

So What Does a Career Counselor Do Exactly?

There are a number of things a career counselor can do for you. If you're still in school, a career counselor can help you uncover the vocational options available to you. If you haven't chosen a major yet or are thinking about changing your focus, a career counselor can point you in the right direction occupation-wise.

They do this by assessing your skills and goals, discussing your interests and informing you about labor market trends and what to expect when you begin the job search.

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