Monday, October 25, 2010

Career Centers Help Students Focus

Career services centers guiding undergrads successfully

Reprinted with permission from The Inkwell

In today's difficult economic climate, finding a job can be hard for anyone. For a college student with little to no experience, finding a decent paying job is even more difficult.

With the amount of people searching for entry-level jobs increasing, especially with upperclassmen and recent graduates, the competition causes employers to expect more of applicants.

Elizabeth Wilson, assistant director of AASU's Office of Career Services, said there are ways to work around this common problem.

"Academics are important," she said. "Being well-rounded and involved is also important, so if you can join a club or organization on campus – maybe one that's related to your major or what you want to do when you graduate – that would give you some practical experience as well."

Wilson said internships are the key to gaining experience when employers will only hire experienced applicants. College credit is attached to interning and can be established through Career Services and advisers.

Wilson said there are three main things Career Services does: it helps students pick their major and career path, it helps students get experience in their chosen field and it assists students - especially seniors - with job searches and graduate school decisions. Career Services can also help with resumes, cover letters and interview preparation for jobs.

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