Saturday, October 23, 2010

10 Ways Your Job Interview Could Go Horribly Wrong - Part 1

3. Failing to dress to really impress

First impressions count. Before you even say a word, a recruiter will have made a judgement on your suitability for the role by the way you dress. I’ve seen candidates wearing bad ties, shiny shirts, creased clothes, mini-skirts and low cut blouses and that’s just the men!

Keep it smart and tidy. For the chaps, ensure the suit is dark and clean. Your shirt well pressed and your tie fairly conservative. Oh and make sure the shoes are polished, your hair is neat and tidy and all your breakfast is removed from your teeth.

For the ladies, similar to the above but keep the make-up subtle and don’t shy away from that formal suit.

4. Failing to have any respect for your former employer

At some point in the interview you will probably be asked for your opinion on your present or former employers. Don’t fall into the trap that many do of bad mouthing past bosses or colleagues, even if they were the worst individuals on the planet. This will only reflect badly on you and lets be honest, no one likes a moaner!

Focus on the positives; what you enjoyed about previous roles and what you achieved for the businesses.

5. Failing to come across naturally

There are always those standard questions that will come up in every interview situation. And while it’s vital that you practice and rehearse how you answer these questions, you should never come across like you are reading from an autocue.

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