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12 Ways to Fail a Job Interview

A job interview checklist - to avoid

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During my time in management I have had the opportunity to hire many people which means I’ve interviewed over 50 people both for my positions and for fellow managers. It was one of my favorite parts of the job getting to meet new people, learn their motivations and in many cases learn what not to do. I guess you could call this of a collection of non job interview tips. Frankly it’s much easier to identify those things that are going to keep you from your dream job. For background my current company follows a rigorous interview process that involves no less than 5 different interviewers over the course of the day including a high level manager we call the As Appropriate. So without further ado 12 sure fire ways to fail your job interview.

1. Chew Gum.

Constantly. Through all 5 different interviewers. Okay honestly I never thought this was necessary to mention but this was the proverbial nail in the coffin of this interview candidate. He sat their masticating all day long. Every interviewer commented on it.

2. Lie on your resume.

Show some integrity and at the very least if you are caught in a lie your best course of action is to fess up or bow out. This candidate listed a technical certification that was easily looked up. They assumed we wouldn’t look. We did. It’s fine to polish your resume and use language to dress up your skills and experiences but just make sure they really happened.

3. Arrogance is a Sign of Confidence.

Nope it isn’t, arrogance is a sign that this person is going to be difficult to manage. Attitude can easily trump experience and skills both positive and negative. We’ve said no on candidates that had incredible experience and technical depth but just were so caustic we couldn’t hire them.

4. Act Indifferent about the Job and Play it Cool.

The job interview is the time to shine and demonstrate how you would fit in to the team and how your skills and experience can be a match for the position. This is not the time to show that you could settle for this job.

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