Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekly Recap

For those of you that were a little too busy this week to read all of New Grad Life's content, here's a nice recap of everything that was published.


Talking too much/not enough common job interview mistake
Weekly Poll: When was your last job interview?
New Grads Return Home, Become 'Boomerang Kids'
Weekly Grad Star: Lauren Clarke
Civil Service: another option for college grads

Job Hunting

10 Big Tips for Recent College Grads
3 Things That Will Get You Hired
What Job Hunters Can Learn From Unemployed Actors
10 Uncommon Job Hunt Tactics that Work


5 Resume-Writing Strategies for a Competitive Market


Job Interview Questions: "Why Should I Hire You?"
What Companies WON'T Do to Prescreen Candidates
5 Subliminal Tricks That Make an Employer Adore You


College Grads Offer Investment Advice

Work Life

5 Tips for Your First "Real" Job

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