Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Grad Star: Ladan Nekoomaram

Name: Ladan Nekoomaram
School: American University-School of Communication
Major: Journalism and Public Affairs
Job desired: Journalism, editing, reporting, multimedia, social media, broadcast jobs or a position at a human rights or international think tank
Graduation date: May 2010
Contact info:

Why should you be hired?
I am a great candidate for a journalism or communications job because I was trained by today’s innovators in the field who understand the significance of multimedia, web development, social media and community in the success of a news organization. My experience, passion for my subject, and familiarity with the D.C. journalism and foreign policy scene would make me an ideal candidate for a job in news or at an international/human rights organization in town. Because I am fresh out of graduate school, I have a strong thirst for work and am anxiously awaiting my first opportunity to contribute to the news cycle.

I’m a graduate student at American University in the journalism master’s program and a fellow at Radio Free Europe. I manage a web site dedicated to covering foreign policy in Washington, D.C. and I blog about college issues and journalism for the Huffington Post. Previously, I have worked at NBC Nightly News, USA Weekend, Austin Woman Magazine and WTHR, the top local TV station in Indianapolis. I am an Iranian American from Carmel, Indiana who studied English and History at DePauw University before moving to D.C. to pursue my journalism career.

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