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Civil Service: another option for college grads

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Why Civil Service?

When I was earning my master’s degree, my father suggested that I take the Suffolk County police test, but I didn’t understand why. Me, a police officer? He assured me that with my degree and a few years on the job, I could really go places within the police force. Unfortunately, I did not take the test seriously and only earned an 86 on the exam (the test is so competitive that a score of 100 is a must). In my role as career counselor, I have researched many career-related subjects, including civil service. Now I see how important and valuable a civil service job is. Of course, dad was right.

What is Civil Service?

When someone says that they are a civil service employee, it means that they work for the government. These jobs can be on the federal, state or local level. Each governmental unit has their own hiring regulations. Many civil service jobs pay very well and have excellent benefits. I’ll discuss some of the actual jobs that you can have in my next post. Please note that these positions are not reserved to the police force, fire department and post office.

Civil Service Examinations

The first step to getting a civil service job is taking the test. There are two types of civil service exams: national and state. A national civil service examination is the same test whether you live in New York or Arkansas. State civil service examinations vary depending on the state in which you live. When applying for an exam, make certain that the results will make you eligible to work within the geographical location you want within your state. For information on upcoming New York State civil service exams, visit www.cs.state.ny.us. You can do the same for whatever state that you live in.

Coming up, we will discuss different types of civil service jobs.

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