Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weekly Grad Star: Jennifer Quitter

Name: Jennifer Quitter
School: Academy of Art University
Major: BFA 2D/3D Character Animator
Job desired: Animation, Character Design, Storyboarding
Graduation date: May 2010
Contact info:

Why should you be hired?
Yes, my name is Quitter, and living with that stigma my entire life has driven me to success. My motto "Don't Quit!" has fostered my work ethic and creative problem solving skills.

I have been working with WackyandZany Productions for the past 3 years designing characters and storyboarding. I have also lent my design expertise in my employ at Down Etc designing advertisements and catalogs, updating the Down Etc website, and drawing product diagrams for manufacturers.

In my educational experience, I have encouraged cooperation in the many collaborative projects I have participated in. As a part of a collaborative team, I have animated 3D character performances for the San Francisco Giant's youth baseball television promo. Another project I have collaborated on is "Prelude", where I have inbetweened 2D animation. Independently, my short film “Dive In” was presented in AAU's 2009 Fall Festival.

I grew up in the small world of Kentucky dreaming of being an animator. The first film I saw in theaters was "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and I remember watching, amazed at this live action/animated universe. I could tell there was a difference between the cartoons and real people and I asked my mom what it was. When she told me that people DREW these cartoons frame by frame, I was mesmerized by this magic and knew instantly this was my calling.

Since then, every move I have made has drawn me towards my goal. In my 2 years in the University of Cincinnati's prestigious DAAP Digital Design program I was included in the Dean's List, and in my 1 year of fine art training at Northern Kentucky University I was honored on the Dean's List and Presidential Honor list.

The big move out to California was very difficult. My family was always very close. I can remember family dinners and vacations and enjoying animated family films together when I was young. I have seen how a classic film can bring families together, and this has become my focus. I feel many cartoons nowadays cater specifically to demographics, and alienate people. My dream is to create films that appeal to all audiences and bring people together.

I graduate May 2010 from the Academy of Art University with a BFA with emphasis in 2D/3D Character Animation and an energetic optimism that even in this economy, dreams can come true.

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