Thursday, February 21, 2013

8 New Techniques to Land a Job

A better job search, a better chance


If you're in the middle of a job search, there will no doubt be moments when you feel frustrated and fatigued. Despite submitting countless applications, your phone might not ring. You may interview for a job and never hear back from the company. Or you could be offered the position you sought, only to learn the compensation is much lower than you expected. Without question, pounding the proverbial pavement requires perseverance, patience and a positive outlook. The following are tips for enhancing your search and coping with the job-hunt blues.

1. Set goals.

When you're between jobs, you may miss the feeling of accomplishment derived from completing tasks and meeting objectives on a regular basis. Make up your own "to-do" list by setting daily or weekly targets for your job search. Give yourself firm deadlines and stick to them. Write notes, like "Send a tailored cover letter and résumé to XYZ Corp. by end of day" or "Thoroughly research 10 new companies in the next week." Meeting specific goals will boost your morale and add momentum to your search.

2. Find the right targets.

You could save time (and avoid frustration) by narrowing your focus. For example, instead of faxing a generic résumé to every company that is advertising an open position, develop targeted materials and send them to a small list of firms that are most appealing to you.

3. Seek expert assistance.

If you're sending scores of targeted résumés and cover letters and still aren't being called for interviews, contact a staffing or recruitment firm and ask for suggestions on how to improve your application materials. Staffing professionals can provide you with invaluable tips and feedback. It's their job to stay current on market conditions and hiring trends. They also can help you locate temporary positions that will allow you to keep working and earn money while you continue searching for full-time employment.

4. Get to work.

It's often said that getting a job is a job in itself. Take a 9-to-5 approach to your employment search. Be disciplined for a solid eight hours each day regardless of the time of year. A common misconception is that hiring grinds to a halt during the summer months and around the holidays due to vacation schedules. The truth, however, is that good companies are always looking for good people.

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