Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly Recap

For those of you that were a little too busy this week to read all of New Grad Life's content, here's a nice recap of everything that was published.


• Health Insurance Resources for New Grads
• Better job market for college grads

• Weekly Grad Star: Chelsey Orlikowski
• Internship or Entry-Level Job?: New grads weigh options

Job Hunting

• 5 Reasons Your Job Hunting Isn't Going Well
• 7 Deadly Mindsets and Ineffective Job Search Habits
• 10 Big Tips for Recent College Grads
• KA-BOOM! A Dozen Dynamite Online Job Hunting Tips!


• How to Write a Resume With Fast Food Experience
• 5 Reasons Your Job Hunting Isn't Going Well
• Resume Keyword Optimization: Set your resume on fire!


• Job Interview Questions: "Can You Work Under Pressure?"

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