Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly Recap

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For those of you that were a little too busy this week to read all of New Grad Life's content, here's a nice recap of everything that was published.

Take some time to relax, browse the content, and most importantly, learn!


• College Seniors Speak Out - are schools helpful for job hunting?
• College grads turn to paid internships during economic slump
• Fresh grads to have a better shot at scarce jobs than previous classes
• One Grad Faces Decisions in a Time of Recession

Job Hunting

• The 10 Biggest Job Hunt Myths


• 6 Words That Kill Your Resume
• New Grad Life's Resume Writing/Distribution Service
• What Counts as Experience on a College Grad's Resume


• Job Interview Preparation 101 for College Graduates
• 11 Things HR Won't Tell You


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