Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to write your resume with quantifiable results

Quantity over quality....for your resume?


Companies are looking for potential employees who can help them generate revenue, reduce cost, and/or increase efficiencies. Thus resumes should include quantifiable results of accomplishments. However, some job seekers have a hard time quantifying their accomplishments. Below is a 5 step approach job seekers can follow to enhance their resumes.

1. Determine which Accomplishments to Highlight: Review the reasons why you were hired, the problems you solved, and/or tasks you completed in your previous positions.

2. Identify Appropriate Metrics: Review how your performance was measured to determine the appropriate metrics that can highlight your results. Sample metrics are below for various professions:

• Operations – inventory turns, out-of-stock rate, service levels, product rejects, warranty costs, customer satisfaction, and raw material costs
• Finance/Accounting – COGS, gross margin, SG&A and operating expenses, operating margin, DSO, cash flow
• HR – absenteeism and turnover
• Project Management – time, cost, and quality
• Web Design – pages/visit, average time on site, clickthrough rate, and cost per thousand impressions

• Marketing – brand penetration, cannibalization, customer retention, and market share
• Sales – pipeline, closing ratios, new business, and quotas
• Customer Service – customer complaints, consumer satisfaction index, average call time, and dropped calls
• Collections – overdue accounts and collection costs

3. Quantify Your Results: Determine the percentages and/or amounts (which include dollar figures) for the metrics you selected. For example, the initiative increased revenue from $100M to $150M or by 50% ($150/$100M – 1).

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