Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekly Grad Star: Troy Bawolek

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Name: Troy Bawolek
School: Loyola University Chicago Graduate Business School
Major: Finance
Graduation date: November 2010
Job desired: I am looking for entry level investment banking or wealth management opportunities

Why should you be hired?
I am extremely motivated for a career in this field. I know the hours are long and I have the drive to start from the bottom and work my way to the top. I am equally capable of working in a group or independently. I am a quick learner with an attention to detail and will be a loyal employee because I ideally want to spend my career with the same company. Above all I want to be a source of knowledge for clients to help manage their way in this different financial environment.

I have switched career paths as my bachelors was for sports management and I am currently concentrating in finance (investments and analysis), therefore I would be looking for those on par with undergraduates opportunities though I do feel I can take on the responsibility of those expected from an MBA whose undergrad was finance.

I find the world of finance so much more fascinating and am eager to learn all I can about it from reading the Wall Street Journal every day to attending investment banking seminars and Morningstar workshops. My only finance experience has come from my current internship for a small real estate investors company in Chicago where I have been given various analysis projects. Outside of that my other work experience has come from sports internships which developed a lot of qualitative skills in dealing with customers and communication among various levels of co-workers/management. I have been very rigorous in strengthening my quantitative skills and knowledge of Excel especially since those are crucial for most finance careers.

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