Thursday, March 21, 2013

3 False Beliefs College Grads Have

Do your thoughts affect your job search?
You better believe it!


1. “I deserve a job because I worked hard to get my degree”

Many college grads on the job hunt believe that they are essentially entitled to employment because they worked long and hard for their degree. It is indeed true that dedication and hard work go a long way – but that guarantees a student graduation, not a job. Some students say that their excellent GPA, extra-curricular involvement, internship experience, or even their degree’s major entitles them to a good-paying entry level position at a Fortune 500 company. All of these are factors that may help you in your job search, but none are golden tickets towards employment. This kind of thinking makes a college graduate a passive job seeker which is the last thing anyone wants to be.

Instead, job seekers should write down their past experience, skills, and qualifications and see how they can best brand themselves. Then, they should use job interviews as opportunities to explain to hiring managers why they are indeed the best candidates for the position.

Stop believing: “I deserve a job because I worked hard to get my degree”
Start thinking: “How can I show companies that I am the best possible candidate for this job?”

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