Wednesday, April 10, 2013

20 Common LinkedIn Mistakes Online Job Seekers Make

Online job hunting made simple


You probably know by now that LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for personal branding and job search. In fact for job seekers it's one of the best online tools to land a job right now.

In case you don’t know about LinkedIn, get busy immediately building your branded profile, connecting with people, expressing your executive brand, and leveraging LinkedIn to full advantage.

But don’t make these 20 mistakes:


1. Not personalizing your LinkedIn public profile URL.

Many people leave the default mess of letters and numbers at the end of the URL. Change that to “yourname” or as close to it as you can come, as I did with mine –

2. Not including a photo.

Branding and career marketing are about creating emotional connections. People believe content more when it’s accompanied by the author’s photo. An online profile with no photo is a missed opportunity to reinforce your brand and engage people.

3. Not adding links to websites or web pages.

Include links to your website, blog, VisualCV, Twitter or other online profiles, so people can get more on-brand information about you and see what else you’re up to.

4. Not having a searchable professional headline that brands your unique promise of value and resonates with your target audience.

Make sure your relevant key word phrases show up in your headline so that recruiters and hiring decision makers sourcing top candidates by searching LinkedIn will find you.

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