Wednesday, March 13, 2013

6 Words That Kill Your Resume

Writing a resume seems easy, but certain words can ruin yours


Words are the name of the game when it comes to resumes and you need to be strategic in your choice of them. Job seekers often put keywords on their resumes, but how do you know which words to choose and which ones to leave out? Here is a brief list of some of the most overused words on resumes. Avoid them when possible and choose some more creative alternatives. After knowing what words to avoid you should be ready to craft an eye-catching resume.

1. Accomplished. Yes, we all know every job seeker is accomplished, otherwise you would be fired from every job you’ve ever had if you never accomplished anything. Instead try: Peak Performer.

2. Results-Driven. We all know that everyone’s professional resume starts out with Results-Driven (Insert your job title here). The only problem is in the job search game you don’t want to sound like everyone else. You want to stand out from the crowd. Instead try: Performance-Driven.

3. Successful. This is another overused phrase on resumes. We all want to communicate how successful we’ve been so a new employer will think highly of us, but let’s look at some alternative wording versus just coming out and saying hey there, I’m a success. Instead try: Best In Class, Award-Winning, or Top-Performer.

4. Skillful or Skilled. These are so boring. Seriously, I hate to see resumes with these words on them. I cannot even tell you how incredibly dull these words are and I am sure you can come up with something way more creative for your resume. If you can’t think of anything try my recommendations or if you don’t like them use a thesaurus. Instead try: Talented, Sharp, or Resourceful.

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