Wednesday, July 10, 2013

13 LinkedIn Mistakes You Should Avoid

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LinkedIn, the socially connected professional network, has made numerous changes over the past few months to become more than a job resource. The changes have made it a viable tool for people to connect, discuss, get answers to questions as well as connect with people that they just may be working with in the future. The future of social media marketing is bright and the tools we use today are building blocks for what is yet to come. Creating profiles that are complete and honest are just the beginning. Many of these have been written time and time again but as I look to connect with new people, I still see the same mistakes being made.

13 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

1. Default URL. Increase your personal branding so easily by changing the default to a personal URL. Click Edit Public Profile Settings in the top right and then edit your Public Profile URL to your name. As a job seeker this is a must.

2. My Website/My Company. Keeping the default is asking people to look above to see who your current employer is and then go back and click on it. It is a simple change: On your profile, click websites, then at the drop down, click "Other" and then type in the name and descriptive terms

3. Private Profile. As social media is evolving with Google's live search, Bing/Twitter as well as Google's Social Search what was private is not anymore. Go public so people can find you as a job seeker.

4. Joining Groups. The maximum amount of groups you can join is 50. While that seems like a lot, how many people are at the max? There is so much information contained in groups - news, discussions, slide shares - that failing to join groups is basically like missing out on an opportunity to connect. 50 is not always the easiest to keep up with especially when you're job hunting but the information shared in the groups is very valuable.

5. Lack of Participation in Discussions. Social media is about connecting and building relationships - talking to people. Taking part in discussions gets you noticed as a viable job candidate well as keeps the conversation going and the sharing of information, viewpoints and knowledge.

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