Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Top 50 Online Job Hunt Tools for Recent Graduates

There are so many job hunting tools online nowadays, it's easy for job seekers to get lost. "Web 2.0" is essentially the interactive Web we see today. But the question is which social networking sites should you get involved in for your job search? What groups should you join? What the heck is "tweeting" anyways? Intead of going through the trial and error process trying out hundreds of different social networking sites, take a look at the Top 50 Web 2.0 job search tools to help you figure out which sites are worth using in your job hunt.

1. LinkedIN – Social Network, primarily business
2. FaceBook – Social Network, business and personal
3. MySpace – Social network, primarily personal
4. Ning – Private Social networks
5. Plaxo – Contact synchronizer
6. ZoomInfo – Business directory
7. Spoke – Business Directory & Social network
8. Jigsaw – Business Directory & Social Network
9. YouTube – User generated video
10. Twitter – Text-like social network
11. Pownce – File Sharing social network
12. Flickr – User Generated Photo sharing
13. Zooomr – User generated photo sharing and text for mobile
14. Yahoo Answers – User generated questions and answers
15. LinkedIN Answers – User generated questions and answers
16. Google Answers – User generated questions and answers
17. FaceBook Groups – Common interest based groups
18. Yahoo Groups – Common interest based groups
19. Google Groups – Common interest based groups
20. – Common interest based groups
21. Blogger – Blog platform
22. Wordpress – Blog platform
23. Typepad – Blog platform
24. – Social bookmarking
25. Ma.gnolia – Social bookmarking

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