Friday, May 10, 2013

9 Steps to LinkedIn Networking for a Job

A simple guide for job networking on LinkedIn


Competition for advertised jobs is fierce. An advertised job posting can generate applications from thousands of potential candidates. Likewise, employers can cherry-pick potential employees. So how do you differentiate yourself while job hunting on LinkedIn? With all the tools for job seekers on the site you may get overwhelmed. Try this step-by-step process below and land a job on LinkedIn successfully!

To increase your chances of generating a response including an interview from a job posting, you should:

• Use LinkedIn to locate a company insider with a common connection (professional association, alum, etcetera)
• Request an informational interview to determine if the job is still available, name of the hiring manager, desired characteristics of the potential employee, and etcetera
• Customize your resume and cover letter using this information
• Ask your company insider to deliver your resume and cover letter to the hiring manager

Next, I am going to provide you with the steps I used to apply for a position last week with a Fortune 100 company.
1. Go to
2. Click on the “Advanced” link for the Search People field in the upper right region of your screen
3. Select “Located in or near:” for the Location field

4. Input a zip code for the Postal Code field and select the appropriate entry (such as 50 mi) for the Within field to ensure the location of the company is within this geographical range
5. Input the name of the company in the Company field and select Current in the box below this field

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