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What Employers Are Looking for in a Recent Graduate

Showing employers your potential as a job candidate


If you were an employer, what kind of people would you want to hire? Well, the perfect candidate of course! He or she would meet every aspect of the job description. Employers know, of course, that this isn’t realistic. People who have years of experience may either require a salary too high, may not have knowledge of the newest technologies, or may not possess a preferred business perspective. Reverse this and employers find that recent graduates don’t have important years of experience, professional knowledge, or highly developed skills. Employers realize they have to compromise and they usually expect to hire the person who best fits their needs with the intention of continuing to educate and mold them into the worker they desire. As a recent college graduate, you need to show employers that you’re providing them enough quality clay to work with to create that perfect mold.

Five Things Employers Desire from New College Graduates

Whether you’re on an IT job search or looking for jobs in healthcare, today’s employers want highly-skilled candidates. This is why your education (and how you enhance your education) is so important. The job market is currently flooded with experienced professionals and that is a challenge to new graduates with short resumes. So, why hire you?

• Today’s college students will often have a desired “global perspective.” As the business world changes, companies are increasingly working on an international level. This is especially true in financial jobs and careers in telecommunications. Therefore, studying abroad may be a wonderful resume booster. In addition, being bilingual is valued in many fields, especially healthcare. Showing your multi-cultural learning and experience is a bonus on any resume, at the very least it often allows for interesting conversational opportunities during interviews, making you more memorable as a candidate.

• Candidates with the newest technical knowledge are sought by employers. One of the positive acknowledgements made by people who have covered the topic of “millenials in the workplace” (Generation Y) is that today’s young employees have grown up with the latest technology at their fingertips and they often have a quicker grasp of new technologies than older candidates. Use this to your advantage. These skills are important to your resume, so be sure to highlight them. Research the field you intend to go into and see what technologies they are use and the skills they value. Take the right courses to meet these needs and if necessary find a means to fill any gaps your college education leaves.

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