Saturday, June 26, 2010

10 Online Personal Branding Tips

How to be remembered as a job seeker

Branding when done well projects your “personal DNA” it can help those hiring not just find you (that is personal marketing) but decide are you a “good fit” to my team, my department, my company. It helps the decision maker decide “do I want to recruit you” or should I do business with you (if you go self employed). (Wikipedia's definition)

When incorporated into a job seeker or career mover’s marketing communications it can help them “stand out from the competition” which in the current climate is critical. Share of voice is the name of the game, getting attention is key, BUT you want the right type of attention from the right recruiter/company.

There are many different views, techniques and approaches that can help you build a structure to help you build your personal brand. I have “attempted to reduce these to 10 key questions and answers that can help define and guide you toward an “authentic personal brand”.

1. Define what your Personal Vision is and Purpose 

Round pegs and square hole, a cliché I know but be honest look at “your bigger picture” where do you want to fit in and then think about how the “world” can help you fulfill your vision.

2. “My Values and Passions”? 

Tough one, but you need to know “you”. What you want, need and can or want to do. You must be honest, will that highly paid job really will be a good fit for you. Motivation is based on beliefs and if not meet then the passion won’t be there and chances are you and an employer won’t be satisfied or happy.

3. Define your Key Goals for the next 5 Years

You need a plan and once you have that plan the focus and purpose it will give helps you “project” your brand with clarity and honestly. “This is want I want, and here is how I will get there; then here’s is where I want to be and how I intend to get their. A propelling story for any recruiter.

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