Friday, October 23, 2009

What’s the ‘Real World’ Really Like for College Grads?

The most difficult aspect of the “real world” that grads have to deal with is that even though you have a paycheck and respectable career it still may not be enough to move out of mom and dad’s into a fancy high-rise downtown. In the “real world” there’s no all-inclusive dorm where your best friend is just next door and you’re walking distance from everywhere you want to be all for under $500 a month. The reality is that most of us will have to either move back into mom and dad’s place or live in a hole in the wall in the middle of nowhere.

Now I don’t want to sound too pessimistic or scary here but the “real world” is no fantasyland and it’s not easy, but before you enroll to be a sixth-year senior, let me assure you that if you keep an open mind and adventurous spirit the “real world” is also quite exciting. Remember all of those mornings you snoozed through your alarm and said to yourself, “Man, I really don’t want to go to class today because I’m never going to use any of the stuff that my professor is talking about!”

Well, I can honestly say that in past few months of my job I can’t think of one morning I’ve woken up and not wanted to go to work … Sure, I’d love it if my office opened at 10:30 a.m. instead of 8:30 a.m. but who wouldn’t want an extra two hours of sleep in the morning?

So, recent grads, if you take nothing else from this blog learn this: the “real world” is not the perfect place you made it out to be in your head, but just remember the future is yours and only yours to build. Maybe Miss Cleo from the Psychic Friends Network claims to know what’s in store for your future, but other than that no one else knows, and that’s exciting.

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