Friday, October 23, 2009

How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job

6. Search for jobs daily. LinkedIn’s job board functions like other job boards with the exception that many of the opportunities listed are exclusive to LinkedIn. In addition, many of the opportunities list the recruiters or employers who posted them, offering another level of personal connection for networking.

• Here your profile recommendations really can make a difference, for after you apply, employers and recruiters can instantly refer to your recommendations as support for your resume, cover letter and profile.

7. Ask and answer questions. Using the “Answer” tab you can contribute your knowledge and insight in your area of expertise. For example, if you are an employment lawyer who is looking for a job you can click on “Answer a question” then select “Employment law” where you’ll find two pages of employment law questions. By answering selected questions and offering your insights you will establish your brand and expertise and potentially create some networking and job opportunities.

• You can also post your own questions. If you are writing an article, which I often suggest to my job search clients, LinkedIn can be a great resource to get some ideas and answers to your own questions which can enhance the value of the content you offer others.

8. Identify target companies. You can identify companies by industry and geography to expand your list of target companies. You can filter your LinkedIn list by exploring the company’s web site and job postings. Then, by going back to LinkedIn, you can identify hiring managers and HR managers for additional information and potentially informational interviews.

9. Promote your blog and/or website. Many executive candidates have a website and/or a blog. You can promote your website/blog to the search engines by optimizing them on LinkedIn. Just go to the category “My Website” on your LinkedIn profile while in the edit mode and select “Other.” You can then add your name or a descriptive phrase describing your web site/blog. This is so much more inviting than a simple URL.

10. Final Tid-bits.
• Update your profile regularly. Every time you update your whole network will be notified and you’ll get exposure.
• Include the link to your LinkedIn profile in your signature on every email. That way people can see all your credentials with one click.
• Post an “out of office” auto responder when you’re away. Please forward this on to anyone you know who is searching for a job.

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