Friday, October 23, 2009

UNCW grads get creative in their job hunt

Career centers at local colleges and universities are ramping up efforts to help students find employment.

At CFCC, the annual job fair is now preceded by an intensive day of instruction on how to polish a resume and perk up a cover letter, as well as a fashion show to teach aspiring professionals how to dress the part.

At UNCW, the career center held a Job Search Boot Camp earlier this month, and stepped up search efforts for jobs to post in the center's online database. Director Thom Rakes advises students to be flexible in both the jobs they're willing to apply for and the areas they're willing to live.

“It's always a frustrating process, but it's even more so now,” Rakes said. “The competition climbs each semester, and will as long as the job market is slow.”

Still, students hold out hope the economy will improve and their dreams will come true. In the meantime, students like Nowicki say they're willing to work and wait – and that there might even be hidden benefits in doing so.

“If we can learn how to get what we need in this economy, we will be able to get what we want in the future,” Nowicki said.

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