Friday, October 23, 2009

Top 100 Social Sites for Job Seekers

Job Prep and Research

Learn more about companies, job search sites, pay and more through these helpful sites.

29. InterActive Applicant: Join this site to get access to recruitment that lets you not only show off your resume but who you really are as well.
30. InterviewBest: Use this great site to make sure you’re prepped and ready for your next interview.
31. JibberJobber: This site lets you easily manage your job search, with great online tools and opportunities for networking.
32. Job Board Reviews: Find out if the job board you’re visiting is legit with reviews found on this site.
33. Are you being paid what you deserve? Find out from this site.
34. VirtualJobCoach: Job seekers can join this site and get help organizing and managing their job search.


Why not use social networking for what it was designed to do–network? These sites make it easy to connect with colleagues, fellow workers and potential employers.

35. LinkedIn: This business networking site is a must for those trying to connect with others in their field or just make it easy for people to find out what they do.
36. Facebook: Facebook can be fun for talking to friends, playing games and posting funny pictures but it can also work for business if you create a serious, professional profile.
37. Twitter: Send out daily updates and follow those in your field or who have job openings using this tool.
38. iMantri: Need a mentor to get you on the path to success? This networking site will hook you up with someone who can show you the ropes.
39. Company of Friends: As one of the oldest business social networks, this site has an extensive network of contacts for you to use.
40. Ecademy: With this site you can make connections, share what you know and build your personal brand as you go.
41. Meetup: Find out about professional events, networking opportunities and more through this great social tool.
42. Plaxo: Create a listing of contacts on this site so you can carry your business connections with you everywhere.
43. Xing: Manage your existing business contacts and make new ones through this site.
44. Networking for Professionals: If you’re a professional looking to expand your immediate circle of contacts, give this great networking site a try.
45. WorkNT: Find jobs and employers, post your information, and talk with others on this great networking site.
46. Cofoundr: If you’re more of the type who wants to start their own business, consider using this site as a way to make a myriad of great, useful connections.

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