Friday, October 23, 2009

Top 100 Social Sites for Job Seekers

College Grads

These sites cater to those who have their degrees, connecting them with alumni and setting up helpful recruiting connections.

14. Alumwire: Join this online community for information about jobs and career fairs as well as useful tools for getting in touch with alumni in your field.
15. MyWorkster: Go through your college community to find out about job and networking opportunities in your area using this site.
16. Doostang: Those with an Ivy League education can make a variety of useful alumni and business connections through this grad-focused site.
17. Connect or reconnect with those you knew in school to turn acquaintances into business opportunities through this social network.
18. Brazen Careerist: Young professionals can create a profile, find jobs, network and meet potential collaborators through this site.
19. Zumeo: Join this online network to get connected with internships and find loads of networking opportunities.
20. iHipo: This site is a great place to search for work near home or even a bit more far flung, with networks connecting you with internships and jobs alike.
21. AfterCollege: Sign up for this site to get access to listings and networks for loads of entry level positions.

Resume Help

Make sure your resume is in top shape and accessible to potential employers with help from these social sites.

22. Razume: Upload your resume to this community site and you’ll get access to help and criticism from others who can help you create a better resume.
23. VisualCV: Join this site to make a better, more technologically savvy resume you can send and share with anyone.
24. Emurse: Use this social site to create, store and share your resume as well as enjoy networking and job search opportunities.
25. ResumeBucket: Need a place to store your resume online? This site does just that and more.
26. ResumeSocial: Post your resume to this community and you’ll be able to get free, and hopefully helpful, feedback on improving how you look on paper.
27. Ziggs: This site lets you take control of your online presence, from how you appear in searches to the state of your resume.
28. YaaZe: Create a resume using this site, publish it, and you’ll get updates when jobs that meet your needs become available.

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