Friday, October 23, 2009

Top 100 Social Sites for Job Seekers


Get your foot in the door to the corporate and entrepreneurship world with these resources.

67. Jigsaw: Find a huge collection of B2B contacts on this site that you can use to find work and promote your business.
68. Ryze: Create your own homepage and start networking with other business professionals on this site.
69. Fast Pitch: Got a great business idea? Pitch it to potential investors on this site.
70. Meet the Boss: Those in upper management can make great business connections that can be useful in working collaboratively or changing jobs.
71. Spoke: Using this site you can share your professional info and get hooked up with people that might be good to know in your line of work.
72. NetParty: Those who are young and want to make valuable business connections should consider using this site. It lets you know where and when networking events are being held.
73. InboundMarketing: Find marketing news, training and an online community on this helpful site.
74. JaseZone: Try out this site to create your own personal profile and share your business expertise with others.


Put your IT, programming and computer knowledge to good use through the job offers found on these sites.

75. Dice: This site lets you search for all kinds of tech jobs and engage in discussions in an online community to boot.
76. 37Signals: Use this job board to find computer related work that fits your needs.
77. ITLance: If you prefer to freelance, advertise yourself or find existing projects through this site.
78. CoderCaste: Find out about jobs, read articles and join in techie talk in the forums on this site.
79. ScriptLance: This site will help you to connect with companies that are looking for programmers.
80. LimeExchange: Ideal for web developers and programmers, this site is full of great job opportunities.
81. nPost: Find tech-related jobs on this site’s job feed and keep up with the latest news on the blog.

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