Friday, October 23, 2009

Top 100 Social Sites for Job Seekers


If you feel like freelancing is a direction you’d like to go, then check out these sites to find great job opportunities and connections.

47. Elance: Find employers looking to hire freelancers for a variety of different projects through this helpful social site.
48. This site is not only a good place to find a job but a great place to get answers to all your freelancing questions as well.
49. Sologig: If you’ve been working in your field for quite some time, you can use this site to find great job listings that require your level of experience.
50. Go Freelance: Through this site you can find work, read articles and promote your skills as a freelancer.
51. MeetingWave: With this online tool you can find people who are interested in your business and decide whether or not you want to meet them in person.
52. iFreelance: Create a portfolio on this site and use it to find employers who are looking for freelancers with your skills.
53. FreshWebJobs: Those who freelance on the web can find programming, development and design jobs on this site.
54. Join this site and browse through the listings to find a job that suits your needs.
55. ContractedWork: There’s all kind of short term work to be found through this site, just register and start searching.
56. PowerLance: This freelancer-focused site allows you to search for projects and bid on ones that you’re interesting in pursuing.


Those working in a creative field can find art- and writing-focused jobs and communities on these sites.

57. Coroflot: Post your portfolio on this design site to showcase your work and help you find jobs.
58. Media Bistro: Connect with others in the content development and media industries on this site, as well as get updates about jobs.
59. Krop: With blogs, a database, and job listings on this site, it’s a great resource for designers looking for work.
60. PoeWar: The Writing Career Center is a great place to find career advice and also find jobs that will advance your career.
61. DesignCrowd: If you want to gain some recognition and even earn a few cash prizes, use this site to find and enter design contests from around the globe.
62. WriterLance: Writers out there who love what they do but also want to make a living can use this site to hook up with and work with potential buyers.
63. Authentic Jobs: Find both full-time and freelance creative jobs on this site or just read what the blog has to say.
64. AltPick: Promote your creative talents and find those looking to pay for them on this community-based site.
65. Find links to contests, events, jobs and more on this writing site.
66. CreativeHeads: From animation to programming, you’ll find a wealth of creative-oriented jobs through this site.

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