Friday, October 23, 2009

Top 100 Social Sites for Job Seekers

Small Jobs

Whether you need part time work, want to work from home or just need a little extra cash, these social sites will help you find it.

82. Find work as a nanny, tutor, housekeeper, special needs caretaker and more through this site.
83. HireaHelper: If you’ve got some skills that can help someone out around the house, you can use this network to find a job in your area.
84. With availabilities for sitters of all kinds–from pets to houses–this site is a great place to find some part-time work.
85. Book a Lesson: Those who want to share their skills and make a little profit at the same time can use this site to book music, sports and arts lessons.
86. TutorLinker: If you’ve got the skills and expertise to tutor students, why not do it in your spare time? This site offers a wealth of networking opportunities to find you a job.
87. TutorNation: Connect with students in need of a little help in their studies through this site.
88. NannyAvailable: Those looking for a more long-term commitment can find a wide variety of nanny and au pair jobs on this network.
89. OneHourTranslation: If you know more than one language, don’t let your skills go unused. Check back with this site frequently to find quick translation gigs.


From niche job sites to helpful job search tools, these sites are well worth a visit.

90. Inovahire: Prefer to interview online? This innovative site gives you the option of meeting with employers right on the web.
91. Out of work? You’re not alone. This site lets you talk to and network with others who are in the same boat.
92. SkillWho: Show off what you can do with this online community designed to let professionals showcase their years of experience, education or whatever else lets them stand out.
93. TalentSpring: Enter your skills and expertise into this network and it will match you up with employers looking for those qualities and abilities.
94. TwitHire: This site proves that Twitter can be a valuable tool in finding a job, letting you track job listings sent out through the site.
95. WhotoTalkto: Want to work for a particular company but aren’t sure who’s important enough to get you a job? This site will show you the way.
96. FindLaw: Use this site to find law jobs aplenty and learn about lawyers and firms in your area.
97. LatPro: Hispanic job hunters who are bilingual can put their skills to use through the postings found on this site.
98. YourOnRamp: Designed with moms in mind, this social network helps women who want to return to the workforce do it in style.
99. MedHunting: Use this site to connect and search for medical jobs in a wide range of fields.
100. PoliceOne: Not finding police work in your area? Try out this search tool to find where the best law enforcement jobs are and to read more about the field in general.

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