Friday, October 23, 2009

Ten things your resume shouldn't have

9- Indiscriminately Applying to Job Postings

Haphazardly applying to various positions may appear to open up more options, but this strategy could hurt you in the long run. If you do not have the appropriate qualifications, don’t even bother applying for the job. You will only look desperate. On top of this, if the right position comes up, you may not be considered. Make sure to focus your search on suitable positions where you are a good fit. One well-written, targeted cover letter and résumé is worth hundreds of résumés indiscriminately shipped out.

10- The Big Lie

It is alarming how many people “creatively embellish” their résumés. Dishonest candidates may falsify their job title, responsibilities, dates, academic credentials, and even their grade point average. Most reputable organizations do background checks and yes, they do request your transcript. The higher the position, the more rigorous the screening process is. One white lie can destroy your chances. Even if you are not caught, when you live a lie, you are forever looking over your shoulder. It’s a small world and you will eventually get found out. Always be completely ethical and honest in all your dealings, written and verbal. With integrity, you will earn genuine credibility, trust, and respect.

A well-thought out approach, based on sound résumé writing principles will generate interviews. If you can avoid some of these tacky tricks, you will be well on your way to producing results. If you are unable to design an outstanding strategic résumé, hire a good résumé writer. It is money well spent. A professional résumé writer is an objective third party with the expertise to overcome your obstacles and make you shine!

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Sharon Graham is principal consultant for Graham Management Group, executive director of Career Professionals of Canada, and author of Best Canadian Resumes. Graham Management Group is known for excellence and innovation in resume, interview, and career strategy. Sharon assists executives, managers, and other experienced professionals through this leading career consulting firm. You can find further information and articles directly at

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