Friday, October 23, 2009

Survey: Grads likelier to get jobs now

“Don’t necessarily look at entry-level positions as steps down, but as a way to get experience,” Rick Guerra, associate director at the University Career Center, said. “Explore as many alternatives and opportunities as possible.”

Career counselors also advise that students should not hesitate to relocate in order to have a job.

“If students are willing to relocate for their first job, they’re more likely to get something,” journalism academic advisor Bil Morrill said.

The field of study students choose in college can affect whether they have a job lined up after graduation. New graduates with business or technical-related degrees are most likely to have a job to go to after graduation, according to the NACE survey. Accounting, business administration, computer science, engineering and mathematics graduates are more likely to get job offers than other graduates.

Counselors also said not all career fields post their job opportunities. Certain industries, such as entertainment, communication and marketing are less likely to advertise jobs because so many people want to work in that field.

“Those industries are all about success being driven by people taking initiatives,” Chang said. “If these employers don’t advertise, they still get people to work for them.”

The job market improved compared with last year, but it is still competitive because graduating seniors are competing against people with more experience, Morrill said.

“Students need to network,” Morrill said. “A job is not going to come looking for you. You need to be proactive, not wait for it to be posted.”

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