Friday, October 23, 2009

Survey: College graduates unprepared for job interviews

The informal survey of 100 firms was conducted by Mary Milla and Marta Rhyner, the communications consultants and media trainers behind They talked to 100 of their own clients to find out what was lacking among young job seekers.

A whopping 98 percent said college graduates need more help gearing up for job interviews. Another 63 percent said young jobseekers don't know how to offer "succinct examples" of why they're uniquely qualified.

Hazen says some of the most common mistakes or faux pas committed by young job seekers are asking right off the bat, "How much does the job pay?"

A second error is coming in with the mindset of what the company can do for them instead of how they can contribute to the company. Third, she says they're often not doing their research.

"I think one of the worst mistakes that candidates can make is not doing the research. They don't know enough about the company, they don't know enough about the position at hand to really have a comprehensive discussion about it and how to market themselves," Hazen says.

Finally, she says younger candidates often don't realize their e-mail handle isn't professional. For example, isn't exactly going to stand out to a prospective employer as the e-mail address of an up-and-coming go-getter -- but if you want to be recognized as what not to do, go ahead and put that one on your resume.

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