Friday, October 23, 2009

Resume Keyword Optimization: Set your resume on fire!

Keyword Summary

If you plan on creating a resume specifically for resume search engines, you might want to consider creating a ''Keyword Summary'' at the top of your resume. Sometimes similarity to other keywords and closeness to the top of the page where hits occur can help. But if you placed enough keywords throughout your resume, specifically in the Summary of Qualifications (or Profile) section—if you have one—that should suffice. Either tactic will offer the opportunity to supply a variety of keywords that might not be a good fit in other areas of the resume like the experience and education sections. ''Keyword density'' is what it's called. And you'll get a higher rank if your density is high.

Make a List

• Look over your resume and select all the existing keywords that you want to highlight.
• Take these words and find all synonyms, forms, and tenses. If one of your existing keywords is ''advise,'' then add the following: advising, advised, counsel, recommend, etc...)
• Use acronyms like IP or IRS and spell them out as well
• Focus on nouns: Management— supervision, administration, organization
• Separate with commas and periods
• Use alternate keywords in various areas to increase quantity

But keep in mind that search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated in that they can interpret keywords contextually. They can detect the legitimacy of keywords based on the words that surround it. In this case, providing a list of keywords will not work as well as an actual sentence that involves the ''human element.''


Non-Keyword Maximized Statement

Accomplished attorney with 20 years of proven experience and proficiency in case management, new business, and adapting to new legal arenas.

Statement with Keyword Density

Accomplished commercial litigation attorney with 20 years of experience in international and corporate law. Proficient in advocacy, contracts, and trial work, as well as generating client intake. Proven track record in winning cases for national and international corporate, small business, and individual clients.

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