Friday, October 23, 2009

Resume Keyword Optimization: Set your resume on fire!

Tips on Keyword Optimizing

Take Advantage of the Job Posting
You will find the keywords you need the most here. If the ad states that it wants a candidate with macrobiotic research experience, then ''macrobiotic research'' should be in your resume somewhere. But make sure you are not repeating the entire ad back to the employer.

Put ''Resume'' on Your Resume
This is a major no-no, but since a lot of employers type in ''resume'' in their search, it will help. You can also put ''Resume of (your name)'' as well.

Be Inconsistent Different minds will use different ways to look for the same keyword. Use common variations. If you are looking for a position in California, spell it out, use the old ''Calif.'' (or ''Ca.''), and write CA as well.

Certain Keywords Are Always in Demand
If you are having trouble finding keywords for yourself or just can't get enough, the following is a sample of some that will always be sought after:

• Leadership
• Team Player
• Problem Solving
• Business Development
• Communication Skills

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