Friday, October 23, 2009

Five Ways to Build Out your Resume with an Academic Upgrade

4. Masters in Public Administration (MPA) is usually a thirty to thirty six credit hour course of study that can be completed in one year of full time study or in two years if taken part time through an online program. The admissions requirements usually include a bachelor’s degree with a decent GPA; possibly a GRE or GMAT score; and a few academic prerequisites such as statistics and possibly a course in finance. Many online programs have a sliding academic requirement that may include prerequisite courses or may not, if you have completed them during your undergraduate days. This is a program that many career government workers at the mid-management level return to school for in order to move up the seniority ladder.

5. Masters in Accounting (MAcc) is a degree that most universities developed in order to provide the additional academic work necessary for undergraduates with an accounting degree to sit for the CPA exam. Every state requires CPA applicants to have 150 credit hours of collegiate work under their belts in order to qualify for the CPA exam and for state licensure. Today however, there are many MAcc programs that accept students with no prior accounting training. You may have to meet some basic math prerequisites but you can earn this degree in one year without a bachelor’s in accounting and if you are a disciplined student, you should be able to tackle the exam for Certified Public Accountant.

Bob Hartzell writes on jobs and education for several education websites, addressing the issues confronted by would-be college students and professionals returning to school trying to develop career options. He has been writing about undergraduate options and online masters programs for five years. He recently covered the top 5 masters in management degree programs according to US News & World Report.

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