Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Kisses Of Death for a Resume

5) A Photo on a Job Resume

Never, never, never include a photo on your job resume–unless you’re applying for a job in Germany, or as a fashion model. U.S. companies outside of the modeling industry will trash your resume immediately to avoid any future accusations that they might have discriminated in a hiring decision.

6) Personal Information Not Relevant To The Job

You may be the Friday Night Dart Champion at Willie’s Bar, but leave it off the job resume. Likewise don’t mention your marital status, number of children if any, social security number, height and weight, hobbies, and sports–unless you’re an avid golfer applying to Titleist.

7) Missing Dates, Missing Employment Information

The hiring official doesn’t like to be left guessing how you acquired your superhuman talents, or where you acquired them, or when. If he is left guessing, you’ll be left guessing why you never get a response.

8) Hard To Read

Long, dense paragraphs are tough slogging. Make use of bulleted points. Don’t crowd your information. Weed out extraneous details and know what employers are looking for–which leads to the next point.

9) A Focus On Job Descriptions vs Accomplishment

It’s implied that a job in outside sales involves calling on customers and following leads. Don’t waste space and readers’ patience spelling that out in minute detail. Rather, get on with the actual accomplishments from the job. Increased territory sales 20% the first year. Initiated order bundling system saving $40K annually in transportation costs. You get the idea.

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