Friday, October 23, 2009

7 Phrases to Leave Off Your Resume

4. "Reliable"

You'd better be if you get the job. Again, this is a trait that can go without saying on your resume. It just doesn't distinguish you from the others who may want the same job.

5. "References Available Upon Request"

This was regular practice in the world of resumes that has become passé. Always assume that an employer will want to check references, or at least conduct a Web search on you and what you've accomplished. So, don't state this on your resume, but do make sure you have the names and contact information of pre-screened potential references if you're called in to interview. And keep those people in the know on your possible job change so they won't be surprised should the hiring manager call them.

6. "Energetic Team Player'"

As opposed to what? A "Lethargic Loner"? Just about every organization wants someone who has the energy to do a job and can work effectively with others, and if they don't get that vibe from you, those empty words on a resume won't convince them.

7. "Able to Meet Deadlines"

Here's a question to ask yourself: If you were to meet just one of every 10 deadlines, how long would you last in your job? Once again, this is an obvious trait that merely says you can do the bare minimum.

There are tons of other resume words and phrases that could have made this list, so do you have any of your own? Comment below!

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