Friday, October 23, 2009

Seven Strategies That'll Make Your Resume Stand Out Online

5. Use keywords

Recruiters are searching for resumes by using keywords and a lot of company resume databases are searching through resumes using keyword searches. If your resume doesn’t have the keywords that are being searched, it won’t be included in the results. I wouldn’t go crazy with keywords, but making sure you have certain technology and terminology that’s common in your industry listed on your resume is highly recommended. For more information on using keywords, check out my article Resume + Keywords = job opportunities.

6. Online groups

There are a ton of online groups that can help get you exposure online and recruiters are going into online groups to source for candidates. You can join industry specific groups, association groups, and groups based on location. I highly recommend joining LinkedIn Groups, I am always using the LinkedIn groups to source and contact candidates. Other groups you can look into are Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, and groups.

7. Job Boards

I wouldn't rule out getting your resume posted on the job boards. There are many recruiters who still use the job boards as their primary sourcing tool and even though I utilize more creative sourcing techniques, I still do some sourcing from job boards as well. So make sure you get your resume posted to popular job boards such as monster , Executive Openings! ,, careerbuilder

Don’t miss out on being found online! Use as many resources as you can to make sure that your resume is getting noticed online.

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