Friday, October 23, 2009

Resume Keyword Optimization: Set your resume on fire!

Showcase What You Can Bring to the Employer Use your keywords in a way to prove that you get results. Certain phrases can place keywords in a way that will stand out when being scanned by a computer or viewed by an actual person. Employers want to be able to know within 10 seconds what you will bring to the company.

• Drive sales
• Increase profits
• Influence staff motivation
• Built team

Use Keywords in the File Name
When you name the file of your resume, consider how even that area can be identified. Naming your resume's file something like ''BJFrank_molecular_resume.html'' might be beneficial. Don't use blank spaces and only use a hyphen or underscore for readability.

Whatever you do, don't overdo it. Never use keywords that are don't describe your skills and experience accurately. The computer won't know that you sprinkled your resume with random words, but the employer will. Using keywords lackadaisically and in abundance can make your resume unreadable. If you resume is unreadable at first glance, it won't be read, and you will have lost your opportunity for an interview.

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