Friday, October 23, 2009

"Related Experience" = Key for Landing a Job for New Grads

Interview - Don't forget to discuss your related experience in your interview. Presumably, the person interviewing you will bring up this subject since this will be something of particular interest. If, for some reason, the interviewer doesn't bring up the subject, try to bring it up yourself. Keep in mind what work will be involved in the position for which you are interviewing and describe your experience in a way that shows how you might fit into that position.

Networking - Make sure all the individuals who will serve as your references as well as everyone involved in helping you find a job is aware of your related experience so they will be able to discuss this information when they talk with prospective employers.

One Last Thought On more than one occasion, students have been offered full time positions upon graduation with the very companies with whom they did their internship and co-op work. So, think about these jobs as terrific opportunities to get your foot in the door for something more permanent.

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