Friday, October 23, 2009

Phone Interview Tips (Quality Over Quantity): Part I

Yes, you can go hands-free

For phone interviews it’s a pretty smart idea to go hands-free as long as the hands free device isn’t the cheapest one on the market and you sound decent through it. Try calling a friend first to test it out, because sometimes they can get a bit iffy. If it sounds bad, all the best posture and pauses in the world may not save you from static and a strange voice during the phone interview.

5. Find A Spot Of Solitude

- Avoid doing the phone interview outside

There are way too many distractions, and more importantly, possible noises that can go off outside. It doesn’t matter if you are seated in your gorgeous balcony or are leaning right next to your car, because the world is not mute. Whether you have to shuffle your schedule or around or drive to somewhere else, you must aim to do your phone interview inside.

Be home

You need to do the phone interview at home, of course, but what if you can’t? Sometimes you’ll be on the road and may think to do the phone interview at a Starbucks. Well, that’s not exactly the best idea when your interviewer can clearly hear in the background “Iced caramel macchiato for Bob!” Again, you are signaling that the interview isn’t a big deal to you if you don’t find a nice, quiet place. What’s the alternative if you’re not home? Do it in your car: windows rolled up, parked in a quiet area, and not in the middle of a freeway behind an 18-wheeler’s loud engine while blasting music and snacking on chips.

We're not done yet! Watch out because Phone Interview Tips (Quality Over Quantity): Part II is coming your way soon. Till then, comment below and tell us your thoughts.

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