Friday, October 23, 2009

Phone Interview Tips (Quality Over Quantity): Part I

2. Perfect Your Posture

Make sure you are sitting in an office/computer chair or some kind of chair that’ll prompt you to sit close to a ninety degree angle – that means no beanbags or inflatable furniture (as cool as those are). Keep your chin up, chest out, back straight, and your shoulders nice and squared. All of this will contribute to a better speaking voice and will allow you to really control your speech with much more ease.

3. Smile For The Camera – Err, Phone

At a face-to-face job interview, you wouldn’t frown all the time now would you? Obviously not. Be sure to apply that same rule for a phone interview because you can actually hear a smile through the phone believe it or not. I’m not saying be a happy wax figure, but smile for most of the time during the phone interview.

4. Hone Your Speech

Now that you have made some physical tweaks to carefully amp up your beautiful phone interview voice, here are a few more tricks that’ll make you a rockstar in that arena:

- Never use the speakerphone

In a job interview no one wants to hear you through speakerphone mode. In fact, it just signals that you don’t really care about the interviewer’s time, or more importantly, the job. You wouldn’t believe how many people actually do this during a job interview because they’re multitasking, so please don’t be that person.

Purposeful pauses

There is something very powerful about taking a breath before you give an answer. This shows that you are about to say something you actually put a good amount of thought into and that you should be heard. For job interviews, it means you are really giving your best answers based on the research you did and your overall passion for the job. Pause for a breath, pause for emphasis, pause to allow the interviewer to digest the first sentence of your answer.

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