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Personal Branding for College Graduates (pg. 2)

STEP 3: Market Your Personal Brand

Okay, you are probably wondering what you are supposed to do with the information once you have it, and how you can apply it to your resume (your marketing tool) to brand youself.

In step 2, you were provided with general examples in various areas. If these responses revealed a common thread with the same qualities listed from nearly everyone you surveyed, you can start building your personal brand around that message.

Let suppose one of the areas most noted in your survey results indicated that you are "always busy doing something." That could possible translate to "project oriented." If you determine that the position you are seeking requires that skill set, then you can use it.

If this were the case, then you will need to think back to all of the positions you have held involving special projects that went beyond the daily routine, and list the project highlights.

Be sure to show how you managed all aspects of the projects. Do not just list the project type.

This way you can target a project-oriented position in almost any field. Armed with your valuable feedback and experience, you can show your interests and skills to convey you are either qualified or positioned to transition to that role.

For example, if you are seeking a construction site project manager position or an IT project management position, the focus of your personal brand message should start with the job title.

You should prominently display the job title in all caps such as PROJECT MANAGER followed by a great Career Profile followed by a keywords category to show the reader that you are indeed about project management.

Somewhere under Professional Experience, you should take it to the next level by emphasizing you projects under a Project Highlights section.

Keywords could include project management, team leadership, crew scheduling, budget control, inventory control, purchasing, equipment installation, systems integration, regulatory compliance, performance measurement, quality assurance, and so forth.

Using this branding technique will help you to connect with the reader. This exercise will also help you to decide what you really want to do and will prepare you for interviews.

We have used Project Manager to illustrate the process. However, the same steps apply to any field or occupation. Whatever it is that people express about you, you need to translate that to a work skill and identify what you have done in your work history that falls under that category if you are looking for a position in that line of work.

We all have many qualities and unique experiences. The mistake people make on their resumes is to either list too little or too much. Even worse, they do not focus on their key strengths and core competencies. If you fail to emphasize your key strengths and core competencies specific to the job you are targeting, you are failing to brand yourself effectively.

It is all in the packaging. Make sure you figure out what your brand message is and promote yourself around that concept so you can compete with the best of them and negotiate your buying price.

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