Friday, October 23, 2009

Not so fast, aspiring nurses

"It was very difficult for grads like me to get a job in an acute setting," he said, adding that potential employers told him "there wasn't any funding for new grads."

His training was supported by the workforce board and he now is working in telemetry at Verdugo Hills Hospital.

"I have old classmates still searching after six or eight months, even at private agencies or in-home health care," he said. "They still can't get their foot in the door."

Khudanyan said she enjoys working at the Glendale Memorial ER, despite 12-hour shifts and an often hectic pace.

"I don't notice the time passing by," she said, adding that she works hard to stay up to date on medications and procedures because in the ER, "whatever we do, we do it fast."

"Someone has to give you the chance to come in and learn," Khudanyan said. "Then you can become an experienced nurse."

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